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TeleService Technologies Provides Web-Enabled Call Center Systems

Our mission is to increase your profit potentials and decrease your efforts in handling calls.   We specialize in computer telephone integration for phone based organizations and call centers.  Our customized PC products are designed for use by in-house call centers, out-sourced contact centers, and any business using telephones and the Internet.   For over 18 years, we have been providing scriptable order entry and call handling software, plus integration with a variety of phone switches. We can assist in providing your live callers and web customers with seamless service.   Our customized products also provide ways to connect call centers, fulfillment houses, and other related organizations for better coordination of data and commerce among service partners.   For achieving and maintaining today's Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard, consider the real-time encryption standards of our call center software.  Click on the TST logo above to contact us today.

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