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Home Page Most businesses today have long since realized the income potential of call center systems used for inbound / outbound marketing and for customer service.  Any firm aggressively using today's, PC based call / contact / customer relationship management systems will have taken positive steps into this growing industry.   Our call center solutions run on readily available, average PCs using Windows.   This means compatibility and integration with the future of commerce on telephones and on the Internet.

Our call center software, is easy to use, very flexible and yet powerful. It is designed and developed by Doyle-Logan Systems to increase your marketing and sales while decreasing your delivery effort.  Some of its features are: custom screens, scripts and reports for each campaign, catalogue inventory, zip code lookup of city and state, dealer locate, help desk, popup pick lists, on-line payment processing, automatic calculations (including discounts, shipping, and taxes), script branching and special applications, plus unattended, scheduled operation, to name a few.

Call Center System Modules

System Options System Options include contact center email (incoming and outgoing), web based client service, virtual private networking, remote site access, and on-line credit card / payments system. TeleService Technologies is committed to your call center's success and growth using our products.  We offer on-site installation and training, as well as, periodical regional training seminars. Our tech support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and includes remote and on-site solutions.

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