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Home Page With the rapid growth of the Internet and the advances in today's communication technologies, out-sourced and in-house call / contact centers are the way of the future.   In a short time, people will have complete entertainment/telecommunication centers in their homes.   More people will be able to "shop" from home via their televisions, telephones and personal computers.   In fact, these devices are merging.
  The number of facts and statistics about why web commerce is at the forefront of today's business planning is growing at an amazing rate.  Nearly every industry in the world has been directly affected by the Internet and the World Wide Web.
  We see internet commerce affecting many industries today.   An amazing variety of companies are looking to call centers to handle their calls. Some of these are:

  • Restaurants for scheduling reservations and for taking orders to go
  • Manufacturer's generating leads to pass to retailers
  • Flower shops to take orders
  • Medical research testing campaigns
  • Insurance companies to pre-screen claims
  • Direct response television ventures using infomercials
  • Public broadcasters accepting donations
  • Medical offices to schedule patients
  • Franchises doing dealer locate to get more customers
  • Catalogue companies full-time and to take overflow
  • Seasonal industries based on events such as:
    • New year's resolutions.
    • Valentine's day.
    • Tax preparation.
    • Spring time growth.
    • Mother's and Father's day.
    • Graduations.
    • Vacations.
    • Back to school.
    • Harvest time products and holidays.
    • Various Winter Holidays.
  • Any of the above needing Customer Service calls handled after the initial call.


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