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Home Page A vital part of any enterprise or mission critical system today is its support after the sale. Upon completion of your training and on-site, installation, testing and certification,  our installer will assist you in setting up the basics of your first call campaign.  Then, your first week or first four hours of technical support (whichever comes later) are delivered at no charge.  TeleService Technologies provides access to its 7 day, 24 hour support department with or without the TST service plan. Please note that rates are lower with our service plan and rates are lower during normal business hours.
Our service plan is simple and cost effective.  Since our products are developed for average Windows based PCs, most of our service can be done via the Internet.  As we deliver and install your system, we also test the remote software which allows your computer to call our tech support computer and connect up.  This way, our service staff can operate your computer with you to discover what it will take to enhance or correct your system.
Remote computer service is a fast, cost effective way to assist you with any questions or problems you might have. When you call, you may request a 30 minute, 4 hour or 24 hour response.   The rate for a 30 minute response is higher than the 4 hour rate.   The 24 hour response rate is the lowest.   You may e-mail or fax your requests for a 4 hour or 24 hour response.
Rarely do our products require any on-site service, because we mainly use industry standard components.   In many cases, we can provide a replacement software part within hours depending upon the reliability of remote service software and connections.   Then, if needed, we can instruct your personnel on how to install the replacement part.
The TST service plan provides rates for support that are greatly reduced.   Without the plan, service is billed at a higher rate on a per incident plus per tenth of an hour basis.   Our users have often paid less for support over the months following purchase, than typcially paid for support of many of the traditional telephone systems available in the market.
Highlights of the TST Service Plan are:
  • Reduced training course prices.
  • Up to one hour remote support per month.
  • Software updates of your current version, at no charge.

Our service plan is month to month and non-cumulative.

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